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Entry formalities
According to the current Law nº 37/2006, of 9th of August, all the citizens nationals from European Countries that travel to Portugal enjoy the right of entrance, permanence and residence in Portugal, as well as the family members that accompany them or who join them, members of European Economic Space and Switzerland and their family members, as well as the family members of national citizens, independently of its nationality.

The students of EU  have the right to reside in national territory for a period up to three months without other formalities apart from having a valid identity card or passport. If the period lasts for more than three months students must formalise their right of residence applying for a Certify of Register, within 30 days after the end of the three first months of residence. The Certify of Residence is issued by the national authority – Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, SEF.

Nearby ISPGaya there is a SEF delegation easily accessible by train in the city of Espinho:
Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF)
Delegação de Espinho
Rua 19, nº 342 – 3º andar, sala 3.2
4500 – 255 Espinho
Tel. 00351 22 734 11645
Fax: 00351 22 7341 2562

How to get to ISPGaya from The Airport of Porto (Francisco Sá Carneiro)
The Airport is located in an important industrial and commercial region, 19 Km away from Vila Nova de Gaia.

By Car:
Must follow the high way N 107 until the city of Matosinhos and then the high way A 1 to Vila Nova de Gaia.
Interactive Map of V. N. Gaia in:

By Public Transportation (Tube and Bus):
Must take the Tube at the Airport and get of at the ‘Casa da Musica’ exit. Nearby the ‘Casa da Musica’ exit there is a bus stop for the Bus 903 that comes to Vila Nova de Gaia. Students must exit in the ‘Gaia Shopping’ Bus stop. ISPGAYA is 100 m. away from the bus stop.

Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro
Tel. 229 432 400
Fax: 229 484 597

Serviço de Transportes Colectivos do Porto:

Cost of living and monney access

In Portugal the cost of living its higher in coastal cities than in the inner land ones. Nevertheless it’s expected that students can live with comfort with an average budget of 500€ per month.

The currency it’s the Euro, Portugal belongs to the Euro zone since 2002. As examples of prices of essential goods we have: bread 1€/kg; Potatoes 0.40€/kg; milk 0.54€/lt; eggs 0.96€/pack 6un; korn flakes 0.99/ 0.5kg; yogurt 1.25€/pack 4un; apples 1€/kg; cheese 7€/kg.

To access the money there is a vast net of Cash dispensers called ‘Multibanco’ all over the city were people can withdraw money from a bank account abroad until the limit of 400€ a day. Other operations allowed are bank transfers, bank statements, payments for public or private services and purchase of tickets for public events. Several credit and Debt cards can be used in the ‘Multibanco’ machines. Students should check prior to departure if their cards can be used in Portugal.

International Students staying for more than three months can open bank accounts in Portugal. In order to do that students must present a valid ID card or passport and also a Portuguese tax number that they can get in a local bureau of the National Tax Department called Finanças.


Useful contacts
Polícia Municipal
Av. Vasco da Gama, 930
Oliveira do Douro
Tel: 223778035
Fax: 223778010

Citizen portal: