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Food Services
ISPGaya has a cafeteria working every day from 10.00h till 21.00h. Quick meals and snacks are served at very low prices. Nearby ISPGaya there are several options amongst which a Shopping Centre and a self service restaurant open 7 days a week with which there is an agreement so ISPGaya’s students can get special prices. Apart from the possibilities already referred there are several other restaurants in the city offering traditional Portuguese food as well as contemporary and international dishes to.

Halls of Residence
ISPGaya does not manage its own halls of residence, nevertheless the services will provide a list of possibilities including private rooms, shared apartments, and public halls of residence. It tries to provide international students with comfortable alternatives in accommodation through counselling and guidance.   The Residência Universitária Worldspru Porto Campanhã is the most common choice among students has is central located, offers a spread of services and high quality accommodation.

'"WorldSpru is a wonderful place where students of different nationalities can encounter, which results in a good multicultural atmosphere!
During my Erasmus Project, WorldSpru felt like a foster home! I will never forget the people that I met here; it was a tremendous experience...!'"
Siri De Preter - Belgium
(ERASMUS Student at ESESM)

Afterwards, it's up to the students to confirm the reservation prior to their arrival. The Student Union also plays an important part in the student lodgement process.

Libraries and other study facilities
ISPGaya’s library works every day from 14.00h till 22.00h. All formally enrolled students get free access to the library during its working period. A Copy Centre and a Computer Centre are also available to all formally enrolled students. The institution provides students with the credentials to access the information systems and an institutional email.


Health Services
European Union students and students belonging to the European Economic Area can access health services with the same rights as Portuguese citizens due to international agreements signed amongst European countries. Nevertheless International students must present their European Disease Insurance Card, issued in their home country.
In Vila Nova de Gaia there are several places where students can get health care. For primary cares they can go to a ‘Centro de Saúde’, there is one located nearby ISPGaya and opened 24 hours a day. Centros de Saúde’ are managed by the national health system, international students can attend this services for 2.20€. Students can also opt for the private practices which there are a lot all over the city, covering all medical valences with excellent doctors. For the medical services and exams that are prescribed in the private sector students must pay.

There are also in the city and nearby ISPGaya two public hospitals managed by the national health system and covering all the medical valences for emergent situations that might occur during the period of study. As well there is a private hospital located nearby ISPGaya where students can go although they must pay for all medical services and exams prescribed.

Useful Contacts:
Centro de Saúde de Soares dos Reis
Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 316
Tel: 223751440
Fax: 223704847

Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova de Gaia
Rua Doutor Francisco Sá Carneiro
Vila Nova de Gaia
Tel: 223778100

Hospital Eduardo Santos Silva
Rua Conceição Fernandes (Monte da Virgem)
Tel: 227865100
Fax: 227836269