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Gaya Superior Polytechnic Institute (ISPGaya) is a private polytechnic institute situated in Vila Nova de Gaia (left side of River Douro) in the north of Portugal with approximately 700 students, distributed for three Colleges: Science and Technology College (ESCT), Social and Communitarian Development College (ESDSC), and Santa Maria Teacher Training College (ESESM).
It was founded in 1990 to create and convey the latest science and engineering knowledge in ways that would be most useful to the society.

The curricula has been continuously reshaped and adapted to satisfy the evolution of needs and expectations of both students and the labour but has remained true to its original mission of fusing academic inquiry with social needs and linking new knowledge to applications.
The institution aims to promote the full development of the personality of the students through a technical-scientific, socio-cultural integrated formation.

Based on the human values, ISPGaya gives special relevance to the personal and communitarian dimension, preparing the students for a responsible freedom, flexibility in the change, solidarity and participative responsibility.

ISPGaya also aims to stimulate the creation and diffusion of culture and science through the publication of a scientific journal and the edition of documents, studies and books.

ISPGaya has been awarded for the period 2014-2020 with an ECHE by the EU.