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ISPGaya ERASMUS+ Applications (SMS) and (SMP) 2014-2015 

Enrolment Procedures

You should fill in the Application Form/Learning Agreement or Placement Agreement, so as to make your application official, with the assistance of the teacher responsible for the mobility and/ or your local coordinator. This form should include information such as personal data, University data, language skills, former and current studies, study period abroad.

You must mention the study programme or course you intend to enrol (including the course code and the number of ECTS credits allocated), specified in the ISPGaya Study Guide and Courses offer. All the courses are regular courses units, and international students will be integrated in the regular classes. For Placements, you must contact us, via your ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator in order for us to search for the most appropriate host organization, unless you already have your own contacts.

The Application Form/Learning Agreement or Placement Agreement (3 exemplars per student) has to be signed by you, by the representatives of you home Institution (Institutional director, local ERASMUS coordinator or host organization director/tutor), stamped and sent to us, no later than the specified deadline. Once received, it will be analysed by our Courses coordinators, ERASMUS coordinator and  ISPGaya Scientific Commitee. If accepeted it will be signed and stamped by us, and two of the three exemplars will be returned to your home institution.

ISPGaya allows incoming students to choose the appropriate time and duration to spent a period of studies abroad in accordance to their home institution regulations and the lective year calendar. However, you are advised to consult the Lective Year ISPGaya Calendar.

For several circumstances (available timetables, changes on optional curricular units, incompatibility of the chosen courses,...), students may need to change or revise the study programme/learning agreement agreed upon previously, prior or after their arrival at the ISPGaya. A new document will be prepared regarding academic recognition, with a revised list of Curricular Units to attend. These changes have to be accepted by the parties and the document must be signed again by the student, the teacher responsible for the mobility and by the ERASMUS+ coordinators (home and host Institutions). All the parties involved should keep a copy of the previous and the new document.

Although applicants should fill in the ISPGaya Application Form/Learning Agreement, Partner Institutions Application Form/Learning Agreements are also accepted.

When applying for a mobility study period or placement  at ISPGaya, students should attach their transcript of records and a CV  to the Application Form/Learning agreement or Placement Agreement and send it to ISPGaya.

Data unavailable by the time of the application (such as grades obtained in the current academic year) shall be provided at a later time.
Sending their transcript of records and CV before leaving to Porto, incoming students allow the Courses coordinators at ISPGaya to ensure that the level of the course units or training proposals provided is adequate, making it easier to insert the student in a specific course level or in a specific host organization .

Documents that you must not forget before leave your country:
Incoming Students shall have the adequate documents before departing to Porto. These are the documents needed:

  • ID document (Passport/ID Card);
  • 2 passport photos ;
  • Photocopy of the Inscription in the local institution or university student card;
  • E111 Form or Private insurance

The form E111 shall be filled in by all the European students.
Students shall get information in their own countries about these forms.They allow them access the social and health insurance services like any other Portuguese student. 

To know more about how to do and what to expect from an ERASMUS+ period of studies at ISPGaya, surf in these website or contact the ERASMUS ISPGaya Coordinator

General documents: