BASIC EDUCATION (Nursery/Kindergarten Teachers and Primary/Elementary Teachers)

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The 1st Cycle of Studies in Basic Education* does not confer professional qualifications.

This training allows students to choose a 2nd Cycle course of study that will enable them to be nursery / kindergarten teachers and / or Primary/ Elementary Teachers.
The 1st Cycle of Studies in Basic Education aims to:

a) provide a solid basis for training in key areas of Basic Education, developing the field of theoretical and methodological approaches, relevant to these levels of education;
b) promote knowledge of diverse contexts to support the Childhood and the Youth;
c) develop an integrated approach both in terms of preparing scientific-educational, either in the theory of joint practice;
d) promote a comprehensive and integrated training, considering the human aspects, professional, moral and religious, seeking to build a participatory training that leads to a reflexive activity and continuous self-training and self-learning.

Professional Exits:
When finishing the Course students can come to pursue their action in nurseries, kindergarten schools, primary and elementary schools, Social Centres, Youth Camps, Leisure Care, Hospitals, and Centres for Special Needs Education, Children's Libraries, Family Nurseries, Museums, Cultural and heritage contexts.

* Despacho 28011/2008 de 30 de Outubro e Rectificação nº 2639/2008 de 2 de Dezembro