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Once the incoming students arrive at Vila Nova de Gaia shall contact ISPGaya to assure that everything runs properly. We advise the student to arrive neither during weekends nor out of the ISPGaya open schedule.

Each individual /group of the international students will be welcomed by the ERASMUS coordinator and schools Directors in a introductory meeting. On that meeting international students will get an overview of the Institute ethos and services plus they will be requested to formalize their enrolment at the ISPGaya. Details about their stay, study and useful contacts will be provided, as well as aspects such as: classes schedule; tutorials with the teachers, tutorials with Erasmus coordinator; evaluation and assessment.

The students will be given fees’ exemption automatically, and an ISPGaya student card that allow them to gain access to library services, and other type of advantages will be offered.

The student’s correct enrolment is also a guarantee that he/she will be included in the book of records (‘livro de termos’), in which his/her marks will be registered. A diploma concerning the mobility period, the study programme and ECTS/grades obtained will be given to the students.

Tutoring, Social and Cultural Integration
ISPGaya provides a continuous tutoring to international students during the mobility period, assisted by the ERASMUS coordinator and the courses coordinators in particular. The teachers team  is involved in order to prevent any insecurity that may arise during the period of studies. According to the study programme in which students are enrolled, the tutorials are per class or per week. This is due international students are integrated and shall attend ISPGaya regular classes with Portuguese students.
The welcome and cultural integration of the students is also in charge of all the people who work at ISPGaya and the Students’ Union. The learning of the Portuguese language and the social environment lived at ISPGaya will facilitate this integration.

The ERASMUS Coordinator also keep up with the student’s school life, so that problems do not occur.

At the end of the mobility period a final meeting is organised to evaluate and give feedback to international students.